Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Guinness World Records Confirms Yamaha Outboard’s World Boating Fuel Economy Record

(Nov. 17, 2004 - Kennesaw, GA. Kennesaw, GA.)... 67.27 miles per gallon. Incredible mileage in a car, but an outboard-powered boat? It’s a remarkable record that stands after five years. Guinness World Records made it official in December 1999, adding the Yamaha F4 four-stroke outboard to its list of world record holders.

Guinness issued a World Record certificate for "The greatest distance covered by a boat powered by an outboard motor on one gallon (Imperial) of fuel, is a world record 108.262km (67.27 miles) by a trimaran-style skiff powered by a Yamaha F4 engine."

The lightweight F4 was paired with a trimaran-style skiff, weighing about 48 lbs. built from a carbon fiber/fiberglass composite.


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