Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Coast Guard Auxilary stays in top form

Want to spend some time on the water with people who know what they are doing? Be a volunteer for Charlotte Harbor Flotilla 98, United States Coast Guard Auxiliary.

You will know them by their boats. When under way, the auxiliary prominently displays patrol signs featuring the familiar Coast Guard 'Operational Ensigns' (The Red Diagonal Bar).

More than 100 Auxiliary members participate in the weekend safety patrols, both on the water and from the air. While the Flotilla's 15 boats are member-owned, their craft have been specially equipped, inspected and certified to assure both reliable communications and full compliance with Coast Guard standards. Their mission includes safety patrols, inspection of both hazards and aids to navigation (buoys and markers), harbor cleanup efforts, assisting or towing disabled boats, air transport of equipment for the Coast Guard and several forms of assistance to law enforcement, including air patrols.


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