Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Contra Costa Supervisors Continue Ordinance to Clean Up Delta

Source: kcbs
Publication date: 2004-12-08

(KCBS) - The Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors is working to find a way to clean up the Delta. The two major issues on the table are boat abandonment and sewage.
KCBS reporter Dave Padilla says residents support cleanup of the waterway, but some do not like the way the government is going about it.

For three years, supervisors have been working on a plan to improve conditions on the Delta.

Sheriff's Sergeant Doug Powell, a Marine Patrol officer, said abandoned boats are a real problem.

"Through the state grant process, the sheriffs removed well over 300 vessels our waterways," he said.

Contra Costa supervisor Federal Glover has proposed an ordinance that would establish vessel sanitation and mooring regulations.

"We have a lot of violations that take place in our Delta in terms of sanitation issues and mooring issues," he said.

One long-time Delta resident would like to see something done. "I am greatly aware of sanitation issues and things that have gone on in the Delta. In this 22 years, I've seen some horrific things go in the deposit of sewage."

But a Delta boater said he thinks county supervisors are moving too fast. "Take a step back, get the boating community involved in this, and let's put forward a law that we can all live by."

Several Delta residents say they support the concept of the proposed ordinance, but they do not like the way it is written.

The matter has been continued until January, 2005.


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