Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Government Settles Beaver Lake Boating Suit For $1 Million

By Ron Wood
The Morning News

FAYETTEVILLE -- The federal government has settled for $1 million a lawsuit filed by a Texas man who suffered severe injuries in a 2001 boat accident on Beaver Lake.

Aaron Matthew Holleb was thrown from the front of a boat in which he was a passenger Aug. 2, 2001, when the boat struck a submerged obstruction near the U.S. Highway 412 bridge. The boat then ran over him.

Holleb, who was 20 at the time, sustained severe injuries when struck by the boat's propeller. His left arm was almost severed, he suffered a collapsed lung and he had extensive lacerations and injuries to his back, buttocks and other areas of his body, according to the suit that sought $10 million in damages.


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