Sunday, December 19, 2004

He Took Away the Boats and Hooked the Anglers

Source: Virginian - Pilot
Publication date: 2004-12-12
Arrival time: 2004-12-17



George Poveromo remembers the day all too well.

He was standing on a stage at a Miami boat show, trying to give a fishing seminar. There was a small audience. Poveromo noticed that most of the people in the stands were doing little more than shoving down hot dogs and pizza. They were in a hurry to get back to drooling over the boats.

Because of my relationship with the boating community, they were always asking me to come to the shows in Miami and give seminars, said Poveromo, a senior editor for Salt Water Sportsman magazine . Nobody was there to listen to fishing seminars. It was all about the boats.

Tired of the humiliation of a less-than-attentive audience, Poveromo and the staff at the magazine decided to try to let the seminars stand alone. So in 1988 , Poveromo started producing the Salt Water Sportsman National Seminar Series a daylong discussion of fishing tactics and techniques that is widely considered the largest and most comprehensive fishing educational course in the country.

Each year the tour visits eight cities. The series has had more than 90,000 anglers attend seminars since its inception.

The series has come to South Hampton Roads twice, but it has been several years since the last visit. Poveromo and his staff of angling experts are scheduled to return Jan. 15. Seminars will run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Virginia Beach Pavilion . Tickets are $55 . Admission includes a goody bag, a one -year subscription to the magazine and a one -year membership to the International Game Fish Association .

When the 2005 tour is complete, one attendee will win a Mako Marine 212 center-console fishing boat powered by a 225 -horsepower Honda four -stroke outboard motor.

Instructors include Poveromo and New England charter captain John Pirie , along with regional and local captains Jimmy Price , Harry Vernon III , Brant McMullan , Rom Whitaker , Andy Morris , Dr. Ken Neill , Ryan Overton and Craig Paige . The group will discuss subjects from offshore fishing to bottom fishing for both inshore and offshore waters. Nearly every species targeted by local anglers will be featured.

We try to bring in a group of nationally known and local angling experts who can talk about the area-specific species anglers in each area target, Poveromo said. We make the day as area-specific as possible.

Poveromo, a 46-year-old Florida native, is a powerful draw. He has been fishing since childhood. At age 23 he was named one of the top eight anglers in the country by Motor Boating and Sailing Magazine .

Aside from the series, Poveromo writes a monthly magazine column about tackle and tactics. He also produces a series of how-to videos.

Poveromo graduated from the University of Miami with a broadcast journalism degree . He joined the magazine staff in 1983 after taking a group of writers out fishing.

They have a Mako -owners tournament and they asked me to take a group of journalists out fishing for the event, Poveromo said. The magazine asked me to do a feature for them, and I did. They ran it and asked me if I wanted a job. The rest is history.


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