Saturday, December 04, 2004

North Carolina Had Good Spring Wild Turkey Hatch

This Spring's wild turkey hatch will surely have North Carolina hunters' interest piqued. This story may be printed for FREE in any publication. The tagline must be printed along with the story.

(PRWEB) December 2, 2004 -- Mike Seamster can breathe a sigh of relief - for a little while, at least. Seamster, the N.C. Wildlife Commission's upland game-bird biologist, recently released the results of the 2004 wild turkey summer brood survey report, and there was good news - especially after the general failure of the 2003 hatch.

“The news is good, really good,” he said. “I guess I'd anticipated it being a little better than what it really was, but it was a good hatch. We needed it after last year.“ Seamster said approximately 1,200 participants reported their observations of summer turkey movements, and more than 5,000 turkeys were seen, with hens averaging around three poults each.

“Anytime you can get above 2 1/2 and close to three poults per hen, that’s a good hatch,” Seamster said. “If we can get two like that in a row, that puts in pretty good shape.” The survey indicated nearly 70 percent of all hens observed had poults, with an average of around four poults per hen. But the 30 percent of hens that didn’t have poults - many of them juvenile hens - lowered the overall per-hen total of 2.8 for the state. The best hatch was in the Piedmont, with 3.0 poults per hen, compared to 2.8 in the coastal region and 2.7 in the mountains.


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