Saturday, January 01, 2005

Follow the Voyage of Hope Around the World on the Internet and at the Houston Boat Show

Les Bissel suffered astroke in 2002 recovered and is now sailing around the world in a 28 ft sailboat on a crusade for stroke prevention.

(PRWEB) December 29, 2004 -- Les Bissell is a man on a mission – he calls it a “Voyage of Hope” – and thanks to 21st century technology, we can all follow along with him.

In early spring this year, avid sailor and athlete Bissell set sail in his 28-foot sloop, Hope, from Annapolis, Maryland, on a three-year voyage around the world. This is not one of those “just because I can” or “get away from it all” adventures. It’s more of a “because I still can” celebration.

Bissell, who at age 37 suffered a sudden, severe stroke in January 2002, is sailing the globe to heighten awareness about strokes – the signs, symptoms and recovery – and to give courage to all current and future stroke victims. Having won the hard fight to recover, he is partnering with National Stroke Association (NSA) to spread the message of hope.

Now Bissell is out there on the ocean, accompanied only by crew member Brian Murphy and an amazing global tracking and communications system donated by Houston-based Remote Knowledge, Inc.


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