Tuesday, January 04, 2005

New, All-Natural Mosquito Repellent Provides Better Protection Without Deet™

Skedattle™, a new, all natural mosquito repellent, provides better protection without Deet™, based on independent lab test.

Brevard, NC (PRWEB) January 3, 2005 -- An all new, natural oil based mosquito repellent called Skedattle has recently proven to offer better protection from mosquitos and other biting insects, without the use of Deet™ or chemical additives. The patented formula was developed by Gary Felkel, owner of a mosquito control company, in response to his desire to stop mosquitos without spraying chemicals on playgrounds and family backyards. "It occurred to me one day that I was fighting this battle on the wrong end of the equation" Felkel stated. "Instead of spraying huge areas of land and backyards with chemical substances, I wondered if there was a natural formula that could be applied to the skin. I saw it as a choice between combating nature with sprays vs. applying protection to the body. That way the environment and people wouldn't be subjected to these chemical sprays."

Armed with this idea and typical entrepreneurial determination, Felkel began researching natural ingredients, including numerous herbs and oils known for their bug repelling properties. After extensive testing, Felkel struck upon a unique combination of several all natural ingredients, that when combined, proved especially effective in repelling the mosquitos in this Western North Carolina community. He then began to share samples with friends and neighbors.

The results, according to Felkel, were nothing short of amazing. "We had a camp nearby that was so infested with mosquitos, they were considering closing early. They heard about this product and called us up. The director in charge later reported that the formula had worked so well,that camp would remain in session." Other reports included a young girl who would swell up when bitten by the bugs. Her mother applied the natural formula using the pump spray bottle, and the biting came to an immediate end.

In perhaps the most startling development, in an independent lab test of Skedattle vs. a product containing 100% Deet, Skedattle proved more
effective. According to the lab results, unprotected subjects received an average of 16 bites per hour. Subjects using products containing Deet received an average of 2.78 bites per hour, while the Skedattle test subjects received less than one bite per hour, (approximately 1/5 of one bite per hour). The test, conducted by BassFan Lab, (operated by BassFan LLC) involved three successive test periods over 72 hours. "They wanted to see for themselves how effective the product was" Felkel recounted. "I was as surprised as anyone. I knew the formula worked, but this really confirmed to what degree it worked."

Word of the product has spread fast, due in part to parental concerns about the use of chemical sprays on their children. "We also have a lot of interest from sportsmen as well, who tell us that chemical based sprays weaken or melt their fishing lines". Representatives have lined up to sell the product in Mexico, Canada, and Hawaii, as well as the continental United States. "What I feel best about" Felkel contined, "is knowing we are giving parents, families and outdoorsmen what they really want, an all natural product that will help protect them from West Nile and other mosquito borne illnesses, without the use of chemical additives."


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